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Since more than 30 years SAUNATECHNICSsauna heaters have a prominent place in the sauna industry. Become acquainted with us and our specialism: designing and manufacturing sauna gas-heaters.



SAUNATECHNICSmanufactures sauna gas-heaters from 12kW to 72kW or more, varying from traditional Finnish sauna’s to giant infusion sauna’s. Discover the unique possibilities and finishes. Each sauna heater is unique!


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Standard sauna heaters can be purchased from various manufacturers. We develop customized sauna heaters and manufacture them ourselves, in our own workshop. Each component has been tested and certified.


We don’t only manufacture sauna heaters. Each sauna heater from the Classic-line is uniquely finished, fully expressing your atmosphere and ideas. If desired, we can maintain your sauna heater as well.


The advantages listed:


- 1 type of burner

- Natural gas, propane gas and butane gas

- Dutch production

- Fast service

- High efficiency systems

- Innovative

- Unique finish  

- Over 30 years of experience

- Fully certified sauna heating systems


SAUNACITY IMPORT  has been specialized in sauna-design, sauna-construction, importer of Kelo-wood and Kelo-sauna’s, and salt stone for salt-stone sauna’s and salt-stone rooms. SAUNACITY IMPORT  imports high-quality gas- and wood-fired sauna’s of the leading Finnish brand Narvi.




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