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Sauna heater Olympic

SAUNATECHNICS launched sauna heater Olympic in 2012 as a solution for the increasing number of saunas smaller than 25 m3.

If a sauna must be heated during several hours, a gas-fired sauna heating system is much more economic than an electric sauna heater or wood-fired sauna heater. This difference seems to become even bigger in the future.

Actually, the Olympic gas heater is a plug-and play system. Any registered installation company can place this heater, just by following our installation manual.


The Olympic is suitable for natural gas, propane gas or butane gas.


As the Olympic is suitable for relatively smaller saunas the heater may not take up too much space. For this reason, the coil (pyramid) is positioned in a fixed housing filled with sauna stones). The opening on top allows a Loyly (infusion).


To get an impression: in the sauna you will only find the housing filled with coil and sauna stones. The gas burner with underpressure-ventilator is located outside the sauna. We have developed a special wall-transit (see photo top left) to avoid direct heat-transfer from burner tube to sauna wall.


All SAUNATECHNICS sauna heaters don’t extract any (combustion) air from the sauna itself and function with the approved and extremely safe underpressure system.


The Classic-line  ....

The Classic-line (24-72 kW)


Gas burner


Heating coil

Sauna wall